The words that mean
spirit in some indigenous languages are translated into English as ghost. Hence the name of this site, Elephant Ghost.

Disappearing Elephants
The name of this site, Elephant Ghost, also comes from the fact that elephants worldwide are rapidly disappearing, becoming ghosts before our very eyes.

I have started this site to call attention to the beauty and amazing intelligence of elephants. I believe they are more important to us than humanity generally realizes.

You could consider elephants to be the proverbial canary in the coal mine, signaling the grave situation that faces not only humanity but all creatures on the Earth.

Save the Elephants---and Ourselves
Life on Earth at this time in the early twenty-first century depends on humans to clean up our act, before global warming destroys life as we know it.

Supposedly the Hopi people of the Southwestern United States believe that when the last whale dies, the world (or this human era of our earthly existence) is doomed.

believe that is true also about elephants, tigers, orangutans and other endangered species. If we do not care enough to save our close kin, the other large mammals, how do we expect to save the other life on Earth---and ourselves.

More Coming Soon
This site is just beginning. I hope to have much more information and photos soon for you to enjoy.

Watch Elephant Videos
Meanwhile, please take a look at this A collection of beautiful videos of elephants in elephant sanctuaries worldwide.

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